FoLLI management board

The FoLLI Management Board has five elected members (President, Vice-President,
Senior Member, Secretary and Treasurer), serving for a two-year, renewable term.
For the term starting August 2018, the composition of the Management Board is
as follows:

  • President: Valentin Goranko
  • Vice President: Larry Moss
  • Senior Member: Michael Moortgat
  • Senior Member: Ann Copestake
  • Secretary: Natasha Alechina
  • Treasurer: Nina Gierasimczuk
  • Darja Fiser
  • Sonja Smets

In addition to the elected members, the Management Board has ex officio members
representing specific working areas of the Association. Currently the ex officio
member is Sylvain Salvati (JoLLI Managing Editor).